To incubate the Heloderm eggs I use a incubator from the german company Grumbach. Fiest I disinfect the egg containers, then I fill then half full with distilled water, then a wire mesh, and on top of that I place filter wadding so the eggs dont roll around. The tempture I set at 27° C The incubation takes 155 days. At the end of the incubation time the eegs will collapse. Then you need patience, eventhough the babies have opened the eggs with there eggteeth it can be up to a couple of days befor they completely slip.

It is better when the young are raised separately, then grow faster and will eat better. I fee my baby Helos at first nest young mice dipped in egg yolk. Later with young mice or new born rats.

Incubator from the company Grumbach prove to be dependable when workingg in a sterile environement you will have vary few problems.

The tempture is set at 27° C             I have worked with temptures around 28° C but have had more fatalitys

In the wild, I have used a mixture of water and egg yolks in a spraybotte to coax the lizards from there dens, by spraying a trail leading away from dens into the open.

When you are quite, and dont make suddew movements you will be able to take photographs and film them, This works best in the springtime.